On day 1, run a 5k as fast as you can to set yourself a benchmark time. Then follow one of three training plans below to improve your 5k time – check it again after 30 days.

Which plan to follow?

If you ran your 5k in over 30 mins, follow the 30 min and above plan.
If you ran your 5k between 30 and 22 mins, follow the 30 – 22 min plan.
If you ran your 5k in under 22 mins, follow the 22 min 5k plan.

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30 min and above plan

30 – 22 min plan

22 min plan

Find your perfect training plan

To help you follow all our training throughout June we’ve made follow-along videos of the workouts within our plans. Here’s the very first one to help train that leg strength if you want to get a head start.

More impact

Here’s the impact you can make starting from now.

Say no more to nooo and hello to woooah!

80% of chronic illnesses we see in the NHS could be wiped out if we as a nation adopt a healthy diet and other healthy lifestyle behaviours
one person adopting a plant-based diet for a your could save around 1,519,823 litres of water and 1,022 square metres of forest
one person switching to a plant-based diet for a year spares the suffering of around 365 animals

Just imagine the impact we’ll make together


There is biological rocket fuel in every plant on earth. This Playbook shows you how to extract and use it to up your game. But you better be ready for your inflammation to dramatically reduce, your recovery to accelerate, your strength to improve, and your endurance to expand way beyond what you thought was humanly possible.